Everything You Need to Know About The Glaucoma Optic Nerve

What is The Glaucoma Optic Nerve? The glaucoma optic nerve is a paired cranial nerve (CNII) and is part of the central nervous system. The optic nerve carries sight impulses from the eye retina to the visual cortex in the brain. The nerve contains millions of fibers...

Everything You Need to Know About the Accessory Nerve

What Is the Accessory Nerve?Nerves carry signals from the brain to organs and muscles in the body. The accessory nerve (SAN) is a spinal nerve. It is the 11th of 12 pairs of cranial nerves. The nerve divides into cranial and spinal divisions and it’s coiled in...

How is Median Nerve Injury Diagnosed? – Series of Neurodiagnostic Tests

Before looking at how median nerve injuries are diagnosed it’s useful to look at what the nerve does, how it gets injured, and the associated symptoms. Symptoms associated with a median nerve injury include: Weak grip Wrist pain Tingling in the thumb, fingers, and...


Nerve Injury

Find out everything you need to know about the symptoms of nerve injuries. Whether you suffer from a spinal cord injury (SCI) or injuries to any other nerves throughout the body, we have the answers you are looking for. This section also provides information about the medical conditions that can cause nerve injuries, such as diabetes and motor neuron diseases.

Nerve Injury Treatment

Learning about the latest treatments that are available for nerve injuries can empower patients. Understanding all the options that are currently available allows a patient to work with his or her doctor to find the right combination of therapies for them. Whether you are interested in natural remedies, surgical options, or both, this is where you can find information on all the latest treatments for nerve injuries.

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Psychological Support

Living with the chronic pain that comes from nerve injuries can take its toll on the psyche. Having a good psychological support network can help prevent depression from creeping in, which can cause or worsen pain all on its own. This creates a vicious cycle where the pain and depression feed off one another, making each condition just that much worse. This section has all you need to know to seek out the psychological support you need so that you can get ahead of the cycle.

Coping with Surgical Nerve Injury

Coping with Surgical Nerve Injury

Surgery, even under the best of conditions, carries some element of risk. Despite every precaution, there could be an unforeseen development or human error. That’s certainly the case with spinal surgery, where the operation is occurring very close to the spinal cord....

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